4th Down Time For Swap

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ok i hope i get this right i have a 1989 honda civic si. Been slowly uprgading the suspension,polybushing's,sway bars,etc.
yesterday i was doing my big brake upgrade and some fuel dripped on my arm. I looked up and this beast had a fuel leak i guess the maine snow had gotten to it went over rest of chassis for a rust hunt.
nothing real bad ripped d16y8 i just put it out and the exhaust sytem pulling the fenders off and front nose peice too interior is ripped out so now it is time to play!!
i was reading article on net about doing b18b into mine
said i would need 90/91 teg basically and the motor out the 94 and up could someone explian this to me??
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if you cannot find me on here drop me a email to turbovw@bellsouth.net
Dude, dont go for a b18b they are pointless. to much work and money for a small increase in performance. go b18a from 90-91 teg, much easier and almost equal power.
difference between the b18a and b18b
--b18a--                  --b18b--

lesser agressive cams       slightly more agressive cams
very gay intake manifold      kinda gay IM
obd 0 or 1 depending on year  obd1 or 2 depending on year

identical for the most part.... slight differences possibly in compression of pistsons or head gasket thickness... im not sure

cable                    hydrolic
slightly different mount point for each as well

moral- get a b18a. it will plug right in a lot easier
ok got the b18a1 fixing send it to get sleeved put some je pistons in it possibly another intake and a fuel rail with turbo kit?? also putting place racing front mount ! but would like to keep a/c with the addition of turbo is this too much to ask or what are my option's? :worthy: :D :worthy: