4th Gen Swaps

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Has anyone done any uncommon swaps into 4th gens, anything from b18c5 to a f20c , H22's anything different. I wanna hear what they have to say about the results.
c5's aren't too uncommon, not really crazy... i can't even think of a h22'd crx that i've ever seen, i'm sure it's been done but i just can't recall it....... and as far as F20 nooooooo
Why the fuck do we keep getting these rice boys asking if they can put a fucking s2000 motor in a crx.
Originally posted by jeff@Jan 20 2003, 11:42 PM
Why the fuck do we keep getting these rice boys asking if they can put a fucking s2000 motor in a crx.

Hey Jeff, first of all chill. I've seen a chevy big block in a crx so i know an f20 is possible. I wasn't asking if i could do it. All I wanted was to hear uncommon swap stories. I don't know how something like that could tick someone off so bad. If this upsets you I'm sorry. And I'll never understand people on message boards who aren't interested in the topic, yet they spend their precious time arguing over it. (and after all this time if the best thing you can think to call someone is a rice boy.....)
You are a tool. People who put a 350 into a crx are just fucking stupid. We have all seen the pics of them. Just remember there is a reason why people don't really do these swaps, they are impractical, a waste of money, and some will make the car handle like shit.
i have seen a few 4th gen civics and 2nd gen crx's with h22. honda-tech has a few members that have done so, and Place Racing makes a kit for it. I would love to see someone do it.
I think most people do the B16a swap in 4G's because of its ease in finding a complete swap package with the cable tranny. Although i have emailed HMO and they said they would put together a B18C or whatever motor with a cable tranny and sell it as a package you just have to ask. If you are trying to piece together a kit like that yourself i say forget it, because its hard to trust people to make sure their parts are legit or if they even work properly at all. The 4G engine bay is so cramped already it is just not worth some peoples time to make a street legal car with some ungodly swap in it, although people have put RX7 motors and Eclipse turbo engines in them before at a track near me(Rockingham Dragway, NC) but then wiring becomes a nightmare and both of those cars were trailered in.
If i was to go all motor with a crx, i would just get the HASport cable/hydro converter and use an ITR tranny to get the best gearing for all motor. Fuck using a b16 cable on a gs-r or itr swap. :)
yeah honda bseries cable trans are garbage.... i never knew anybody that didn't have a suddle grind or popping outta gear problem with theirs, including mine