5 ecu's Just want gone!!! Make offers 2 P75, 2 Pr4, 1 Pt6

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As the title states, I just want these out of my closet! I could also use the money for other things. If you have any other questions just let me know. I am easiest to reach at supratuner14@hotmail.com I know I don't have a lot of posts, but I have done plenty of buying and selling online on forums like dsmtuners, dsmtrader, honda-tech, supraforums, ebay. So there are no worries. I ship with USPS Priority. Here's what I am selling

$200 shipped for ALL 5!!!!

p75's - $60 shipped for the manual $50 shipped for the auto
1. OBD-2 Manual ecu 37820-P75-A03 980-207062
2. OBD-2 Auto ecu 37820-P75-A52 981-111059

pr4's- $50 shipped for the manual $40 shipped for the auto
1. OBD-0 Manual ecu 37820-PR4-A02 430-130185
2. OBD-0 Auto ecu 37820-PR4-A52 431-138761


pt6- $40 shipped (this thing might even be brand new, appears to be)
1. OBD-1 Auto 37820-PT6-A52 333-420386