5 lug conversion

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does anybody know how to do a 5 lug conversion? i'm buying ITR for my civic si hatch and is doing this conversion.

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Originally posted by sihatchback_RL@Jun 5 2005, 05:54 PM
is there a company that will offer like a disc rotor fitted with 5 lugs? i mean the type r is pretty darn expensive.
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a "disc rotor"?

What do you think the swap consists of? Chewing gum and duct tape?

You haven't done any modifications to your suspension or drivetrain, have you? You're replacing a lot more than "disc rotors", whatever those are. You're replacing the entire suspension. LCAs, UCAs, uprights, hubs, axles, etc.

Unless your engine is producing more torque than 4 lugs can handle, you're doing this swap for the wrong reasons.