5th gear pop out - Help!

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I have an 00si and when i put it in 5th gear it pops out after a minute or so, then if i put it back in it only stays in for about 10 seconds. All the other gears work perfectly along with reverse. I do a lot of hwy driving so i need to get this fixed asap. Has anyone had this problem or know what may be wrong?
you are going to need to rebuild the tranny. thats a sign it's getting ready to shit on you.
Your shift forks are worn the guy above me is right you need to re-build your tranny. Either that or look into getting a used transmission and having somone put it in. You can find guarantees of up to six months or a certain amount of miles typically on used transmissions.
Start saving for a rebuild and hope for the best.
Yeah putting the tranny in and taking it out is easy. I just dont know about pulling it apart haha. Does anyone sell a rebuild kit or should i just order parts from honda?
Wow; you guys are making it more difficult than it really is.

Check the FLUID first(and check for leaks). Most common cause of 5th gear pop-outs is low fluid.
The fluid was fine, no need to be cocky , but thanks

umm then dont questions like that... and i wouldnt talk to him like that if you look at his rep he obviously knows what hes talking about.... actually look at his avatar... i think he knows what hes talking about
Nobody is being cocky. Just stating the obvious and easiest thing to check. This is why you get a diagnose the problem before just replacing everything.

If you like dropping your motor before finding out it just needed a new distributor, go for it!

Also, if you're wondering, I also had this problem. So has some other people around here. Mine was due to a bad axle seal, and the others were just from cracked case or improper fill.
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K2e2vin -

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but you said you had a bad axle seal and then low fluid. After the seal was replaced and fluid was filled, did the problem resolve?

Just found out my seal is bad and very low fluid. Has popped out of 5th about 3 times now. Not sure if it caused internal damage in the meantime or if it was just the low fluid.
You might as well replace the seal and fill it with fluid. It may resolve the problem. Even if it doesnt, you had to replace the seal anyway and will only be out the cost of the fluid.
Yes, it fixed it. Though, when I tore it down the 5th gear synchro/gear looked burned along with the fork being loose on it...but this was due to me holding it in 5th gear for about 45mins.