5th gen B16 swap


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Sorry for having to ask this, im sure you guys have answered this type of question alot but I couldnt find any through my searchs. My buddy put a b16 (believe its etiher the a2/sir 2) in his 5th gen civic and keeps blowing his axels. He kept his original d16 motor mounts (which i have never heard of doing w/ out some modifications). Anyways, was curious if you guys could confirm the motor mounts are the cause or if you know of something wrong. He used 99-00 si axels becasue the ones that originally came with the b16 did not fit. They were remanufactured and the right snapped then a day later the left snapped. The gurage is already chargin over 2k for this whole thing so Im trying to help him out. I keep saying its the motor mounts but the gurage thinks no (lol what would i know, i've only built up two civics.) let me know what you guys think, i know nothing of b16's only d's and b18's. Thanks -Brian


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first look at this

b16a's are not exactly known for axle breaking torque in stock form- chances are that the motor is moving a ton in it's mounts under load and thus twisting the axles at bad angles- i'm not sure how he managed to use all the stock motor mounts and brackets from a d series to mount a b series, but i would imagine he more than likely left the mounts that didn't fit out- follow the chart above, get the right mounts and brackets and he'll be fine