5th Gen Si Swap


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im looking at a 1992 VX hatch with the piece of poo D15Z1 and was wondering what it would take to Swap the Si motor (D16Z6).

do i need any new motor mounts, shift links, or a new ECU???

P.S. i just starting with honda swaps so any help is appreciated


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i say why limit yourself to the babys? go big or go home... go with a gsr or something along those lines, the vx is a very light car... make the most of it... and dude... its a civic, the thing hasnt changed since the cvcc lol j/k...


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yeah, my best friend has a 92 cx and has been saving up for the past year and almost has enough for a GSR, while i could get an Si motor for $200 drop it in and have juice, and a built bottom end by the time he gets his stock GSR motor


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its plug and play
if you really wanted to, you could go for the mini-me as well.
if not, the long block and a p28 ecu will be a snap. you can use your stock tranny... although i wouldn't recommend it for performance because of its tall gearing.


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a d16z6 motor is a good choice. i have one in my '92 cx. i turn in pretty good times. dont let anyone dog you on what you wanna do. i had a '92 dx 4 door that ran a 15.9 on 50 shot of juice. no one thought that was impressive but i did. you going with the d16 is a good choice especially if you are on a budget. peace & aloha. let me know how it turns out.


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Originally posted by 808sohc@Oct 2 2002, 11:51 PM
a d16z6 motor is a good choice. dont let anyone dog you on what you wanna do.

:werd: I am sticking with my d16z6 for many reasons. Its cheaper to replace than a b16 or b18, So are the tranny's! There is pleanty of aftermarket support for this motor. I also want to have a very very respectable SOHC! I love to see peoples reactions when I tell them that they just got smoked by a SOHC! Yeah I wont create the peak HP of a b16 or b18, but I am on a budget being married and have a daughter. My next build will be a boosted b18b! But that wont be for a while!


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the B18 is one bad motor with boost that what I`m building right now but do it right bottom end and top end and i have three kids and a house.


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Im all about cost effectiveness. I scored a 1992 Sentra SE-R (SR20DE) :D
for three grand and ran a 14.8 with a stock motor and an exhaust :D :D

(old people shouldnt be able to drive, and insurance companies blow ass)


I'm gonna add....The D-series is a very respectable motor...considering GM has to use 2.4liters to get the same power as the D16z6, and as Knowledge pointed out...the parts are cheaper...alot cheaper!. when you blow up a B-series it costs at least a grand to replace it...blow up a D16z6 and pay 150-200 dollars for a D15 until you fix the z6!..I dunno about everyone else...but I'm on the budget bus..I too have a mortgage and a 16 month old son...ever notice how sick children in day car get?...B-series are nice to have...but b/c of their popularity..their prices are unjust...


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the guy im trying to getr the vx from doesnt want ot go below 4K and the car books @3800, and his needs $1000 worth of work (2 cv boots, new brake pads, timing belt, battery, coolant flush, A/C fitting)

sure he doesnt know i will do it all for $400 but does ne one have advice on what i can say to get him to drop the price.


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that might work since my friend with the CX got his a 94 for 3800 in georgious condition. i just had a mental block.
i will also tell him about how much the insurance company is doing me in the ass on my SE-R