5th Gen. Sohc Vtec Head On Non-vtec 1.5

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Anyone done this b4??? i've heard that some ppl have been running this setup...any thoughts???
What head??? I'm guessing your thinking of putting a D16Z6 head on a D15B7 block right? It just seems like a wierd idea to me. You can find a d16z6 swap for about the same it would cost you to get the heads swapped properly. Just ask around the boards here, people swap out that engine all the time and would gladly part with it. I'm ditching my D15B7 so I can't help you...LOL
yes, its called a mini-me.. do a search here for it. its covered a LOT.

its a straight swap.. you need

vtec head (z6), p28 ecu, timing belt from yr of VTEC head, and complete IM
forgive me for sounding stupid...but what is an IM??? And where do you usually get ur ECMS? I work at an Import wrecking yard but we have no 1.6 Vtec ECU's in stock...i was possibly looking at getttin a chip'd one. On the other hand i can get the head for abou $150 canadian :D
IM is the Intake Manifold.

Nick (afipunk21) might still have his p28 forsale, but its an auto ecu (you can make it a manual though, please ask "Jeff" about that)