86 bmw 325es


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I need money to put in to my civic hatch and this car has been sitting for a while, it needs to go. I am going to California for a month starting next week, but the car is located in bainbridge Island, Wa. My brother will be around. The car has a crate motor that I put in. I couldn't get it to run so I gave up and took it to a shop, the engine wiring needed to be replaced so they replaced that and then the starter also. I drove it home and the starter gave out. (faulty) I told them they put in a faulty starter and they told me to bring it by so they could replace it. I never got around to taking it in to the shop since I moved out of my parents house and left it there. Now I moved back in and need to get rid of it. It has the recaro interior, the seats are worn a little. The driver's side lumbar is ripped. The passenger door has a dent in it. It has a new hood and fenders were repaired and primered white the stock spoiler was pulled off and needs to have the holes replaced and it needs a new clutch master and slave cylider. I have the new clutch cylinders, just haven't put them in the car yet. It has the h4 headlight conversion and most of the interior has been changed over to white vinyl. I am asking $1,000 firm. Could also be a parts car. You can get a hold of me at (206)697-2272 or else pm me if interested.