86 crx engine swap with 91 crx is it possible?

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is it possible to do an engine swap with a 1986 honda crx and replacing it with a 1991 honda crx. Can it be done? would it be difficult, or is there a website anyone can recommend to get this info. would the wiring be different, and can anyone help with this topic please thanks. I also have 91 crx tranny can that be put into a 1986 honda crx/and engine. :unsure:
the mount locations for the 1st gen and 2nd gen rex are in different places, so it isn't possible. if you want a cheap swap, you can either go with the 1g zc for around $400, the d16a1 (88-89 integra motor) for about the same price, or for a bit more you can go b series. but i assume you're just looking for a cheap swap, for that, if you want more power (but not legal in CA) go ZC (up to 130/108), if you want a legal certifiable swap go d16a1 (like 116/100).
HASport also now makes a kit to swap B-series engines in, so a first-gen B16 is a possibility too... albeit a more expensive one.
Make sure that you know what your talking about when you repsond. The mounts are different but it can be done. Try www.crx.org and go to the hybrid part on their message board. I have seen it posted several times on how to do this. Unfortunatly we dont have too many 1st gen experts.
Eh..alright dude..I guess I worded the post incorrectly but this would be the BIGGEST WASTE OF TIME swap you could EVER do. ANYTHING can be done (of course, why do you think B SERIES ENGINES CAN BE SWAPPED IN), all I'm saying is that why pay for custom fabbed mounts for a fuckin' 10 hp increase?! You are a tool.