'86 Crx Si

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Sorry but I am trippin' over both of my cars. Here goes the story on my '86 Honda CRX Si. It used to be my daily driver car and yeah i raced it every now and then, but after driving it around for five minutes or so the PGM-Fi light would come on, and cruising down the road every now and then the electicals would flash off really quickly and reset everything. but one day my friend borrowed the car and finished off my clutch and the car wont move at all but it ran just fine. i went out and started up the car every now and then and listened to my system and eventually my battery died. i charged up the battery and tried to start the car and it would catch. it just kept turning and turning. every now and then it manages to get up to 2 thousand rpm's but it still won't start. i am dieing to get it running because i have the clutch for it now and am waiting to get it running. WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG!!!??? i will try anything you say.
read out article on it in our articles section and or FAQ forum depending on the year of your car