86 Prelude With A B20

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Hey everyone,

Great forum, and I have enjoyed reading much of your material. So now, I thought I would add a few questions of my own. Like many of you, I am fairly new to this, but I am eager to learn from those of you who have already done this.

Like a few of the other members, I too would like to have a B20 series engine in my '96 Prelude. I have been doing some research, and the procedures required to complete this swap seem to vary widely. Some people seem to think that a new engine mount kit, like the one made by Place Racing (anyone know any other companies who make this kit) is required. However, there seems to be one engine, namely the JDM B20A, that will fit in without new engine mounts. Is this true?

Since there is a lot of information about prepping the engine for installation, I would like to bring up some other points that I don't see mentioned much:

What about the axels? Does anyone know if the stock axels on my '86 lude will fit with the B20 transmission? My guess is that I will need to find new axels. I would be very interested in hearing from someone who has done this to see what they did to overcome this potential problem.

How about the shift rod? Again, I would be interested in any information on what must be done to connect the shift lever to the new gearbox offered by the B20's transmission.

Lastly, what about things like power steering, alternators, A/C, starters and other engine accessories. Any information would be helpful regarding how much of a concern these items are.

Thanks so much for your help. As a last request, if anyone has ever driven a B20 2nd generation prelude, I would be interested in how it performed. Thanks so much for your help.

-Spiff :)


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Thanks 88LX....this will be of great used to me. If anyone else knows any other sources, or has other information, please post.