87' CRX DX engine swap

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i recently bought this crx for $250, and i'm thinking about throwing in a B18C1 GSR VTECH DOHC engine, that i found for $600.
that's a mouthful.
my friend and i are gunna do all the labor, including wiring.
i know i'll need engine mounts, that a given.

anyways, i was wondering if any one had any helpful thoughts or concernes involving this.

will i need a new axle?
where can i find shocks for it?
lets see...off the top of my head, you'll need:

84-87 Civic/CRX B-series mounts (Hasport)
Custom shift linkage
ALOT of wiring know-how
a speedo w/a VSS
86-89 Integra hubs
85-87 CRX Si fuel lines
85-87 Civic/CRX Si fuel pump
85-87 Civic/CRX Si fuel tank

only headlights that fit are the 84-85 recessed headlights and the 86-87 flush mount lights
-the JDM/EDM lights have a black housing if you can find a pair

good luck
i'm having a huge amount of trouble finding headlights.
any suggestions?
They're kind of rare and usually expensive...best bet is finding someone on ebay UK or Autrailia (because they speak english) and see if they'll ship them to the US

This is what they look like (headlights and EDM corners, pic of 1 of my old cars):


-and I took a pic of them next to the OEM ones (for comparison):


They use H4 bulbs, so you've got to splice in new pigtails, but you can get them from a 92-95 Civic
The headlights on the Straman are the 84-85 recessed setup

you just need the buckets, brackets, and bulbs