87 Nissan 200ZR-II

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I made the millionth post
Picked up another toy/project
1987 Nissan 200ZR...basically our Z31 300ZX with a different nomenclature due to the trim/drivetrain that came in it from Japan. Also this is a 2+2 which as most Z owners will tell you was not available with turbo motors in the US (Z31 and Z32)...also the wicked JDM mirrored T-tops are pretty boss
Originally equipped with an RB20DET (like the early Skyline)...straight 6 turbo with a top mount intercooler
Due to the crossmember and mount setup the drivetrain in it was a drop in swap (RB25DET from an R33 Skyline)
Modified as follows:
R33 5 speed trans
OS Giken twin disc
ARC front mount intercooler
Splitfire ign coils
HKS GT2535 BB turbo
HKS IC piping
HKS EVC (elec boost controller)
HKS boost gauge
HKS rear/JIC front coilovers
Cusco 2 way LSD
Cusco front and rear strut bars
GTR fuel pump
C's short shift kit
Spec stg3 clutch
Urethane suspension bushings
Sparco steering wheel
Greddy turbo timer
R32 GTR 4 pot front brakes
SS front lip
Rota 18x9.5 p45r's
Orient Works ECU



These snozzberries taste like snozzberries...
How are you registering these? if it's something that needs to go offline, that's fine. Did you ever get your car from spokane? You never came out to visit me, so i'm sure that must have gotten settled.


i didn't realize it had an rb25 in it! :drool:

i've never been a fan of that chassis, but everything in it, i want in an s14 :D


Wrong Whole!
Always disliked the look of 2+2s. Only car it looks ok on is the 90+ 300zx

Dat quarter window *blah*

Super clean looking Z regardless.