87 REX Si head swap


I have a swap for your rex, i had a 86 Si, traded it away for another rex then got it back, I put a D16a1 DOHC motor, Intera tranny and axels, Integra Spindles, Integra shift linkage, integra computer, and needed match on mounts, you can make an offer for the swap. Putting the motor in wasnt that bad, i did it in a weekend. including pulling motors out of both integra and crx. It will bolt right in using the driver side and rear mount from the crx and the passenger side mount from the integra. on the driver side mount a little notch must be made on the mount to clear the timing belt cover, nothing serious, only like a 1/4 inch. aslo the is no plug on the SI harness( the one you must use) for the IAC(idle air controller). other than that it is an easy swap, after swap BE SURE to get an alignment, the toe arms on the integra spindles ar angled in more than the crx ones, it will put you toe in approx 3", it will chew a set of tires in no time. e-mail me or post reply, where are you located and if you are interested in the swap, also that swap was very impressive, i only raced it once against a 2000 Si and blew its doors off.


i learned the alignment hint the hard way
i also did this swap so PM me questions if need be
its pretty easy

i have 2 crx si motors, 2 si trans, and an si computer if anyone needs them...