88-89 Integra Pistons Wanted.

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Anyone know where to get 88-89 Integra performance pistons (ZC)?


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Post in one forum,in this case the classifieds in the market section.Other than that,do a google search.
Thankyou, but I have searched google. What I am trying to find out is if anyone that has a ZC has ever upgraded their pistons. I don't believe the marketplace section would yeild that type of answer.


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Then post in engine building,as you have.Most of us look at all the forums,and someone will almost always answer if they know.It just clutters the forums with unrelated threads,such as a engine building question in the swap section :D


Best place I found is a junkyard. I.E.: U-Pull-it, Pick-N-Pull. Their is one located near me that doesn't even check your toolbox so they are small enough to get for free. if you can't find them call L-4 Imports in Nor Cal at 530-822-7898 and ask for Carlos he can get just about anything. Good luck
Actually, I am looking for performance pistons. I have found .020 and .040 over piston rings, but have had no luck finding the pistons to go with them.


Ah I see. when I built my friends 89 Teg motor I got 10.5:1 AEM/Wiseco pistons and AEM Hyperrods from SMA in Sacramento, CA.

Call AEM or some place that sells them.

Good luck


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AEM made pistons? News to me. :)

If you are looking or ZC's, go get them new. Not from dealer, but get OEM ZC's. Looking for aftermarket? Endyn/Weisco "Roller Waves" are some good choices for that motor. Mike ran 12.6:1 in his crvtec on pump gas. Check to see if Aries and JE make d-series pistons.
Originally posted by lsvtec@Mar 7 2003, 01:59 PM
ZC pistons are the first listed.
Endyn/Wiseco pistons rock.

Thanks! Just what I was looking for. Now my next question is which one out of those three will be ideal for turbo application.

FI- 75.5 mm 8.23-8.54:1 19.0 mm 267/80
NA (Low)- 75.5 mm 9.68-10.13:1 19.0 mm 252/80
NA (High)- 75.5 mm 10.52-11.16:1 19.0 mm 285/80

Next we will discuss rods :D
Cool, now we are getting somewhere. As far as bearings go, will oem type be suffecient, or does someone make an aftermarket upgrade on bearings.


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If you need a source for the Endyn pistons, give Intercrew a call. They deal with Endyn on a regular basis, and are local to Endyn's shop. The number is in my sig.



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P29 or PM7 is the number you want for 88-89 Pistons from that year teg. I have an 89 i just tore the D16 out with intensions of a full rebuild but am now swapping in a B16 instead. call Acura and order the P29 piston its the same as a JDM ZC and the only sizes they have are .25mm and .50mm over bore at 52.60 a piston. hope this helps.


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as a general rule of thumb, low compression pistons = turbo, high = n/a. It's all about how the motor makes power.