88/89 to 90/01 side molding swap

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i have an 88 crx si and don't like the front and rear bumpers, i much more prefer the 90/91 style crx bumpers. the problem is, i know that the molding on the 90/91 bumpers are thinner than what would then be on my doors and fenders and whatnot. is there a way to swap just the side molding over? without having to take the doors and fenders? if so, how easy is this to do? no drilling more holes or aything i hope. please let me know as this question has been plaguing me for way too long and i can't find any answers. thanks a lot everybody
even if it does hook right up its gonna look gay sitting in the pre made slots for the wide trim. i would suck it up and not fuck with the trim...size it all up and see how it looks first.
88/89 rear bumper

90/91 rear bumper
has anybody ever done this? pics?! i guess it's not that big of a difference between the sizes, but it's something that'll keep bugging me. the 90/91 trim in skinnier and also sticks out more than the 88/89 style. i should've just held out for a 90/91 si lol, everything's better in those years besides weight. thanks again guys
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im almost positive that they will interchange. thats why you see that small edge under the molding on the 90-91 but who knows what the paint will lool like under the 88-89 molding when you take it off
yeah who knows until i pull it off right? lol. i wanna know if anybody's ever done this and can show their work? maybe a write up? can anybody verify that they'll fit though? thanks
bump, i don't - wish i did. thank you for the pics, though! makes me feel better about letting all my '89 trim go, as i have a '91 rex now. i had been thinking i'd have spares in case shtf with this one. :D