88 civic dx d16z6 swap NEW

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Hey guys,*
first up, i'm pretty new to forums so please bear with me.
I've already tried doing research on this and everyone is either running an obd0 ecu or completely hacking away at the harness. hopefully you guys can shed some better light on this.

I've got an 88 civic with a d15b and wanting to swap out with a d16z6. I was able to run across a parts 95 civic ex with the z6, so that is my source of parts. i've got the engine gone through (new water pump, seals... etc) and i'm ready for the wiring of the interior. i'm wanting to keep it obd1 and mpfi. I've got a p28 ecu and donor interior harness. I'll keep the original engine harness from the 95 if at all possible. Now my question.... is there any jumper harness or any way to keep my original interior harness from the 88 and run the p28 without completely butchering the harness?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. thanks
I did this swap n my 91 dx like 11 years ago. I purchased an adapter to go between the interior harness and the p28 ecu. I dont remember the brand or even know if they are still around. I wouldn't rewire the interior of the car for a new harness. It isn't that hard to modify your own harness. I would just recommend soldering your connections.

Did you check this out yet? https://hondaswap.com/swap-articles/dpfi-mpfi-writeup-49557/
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Check out rywire.com. I have heard good things about them. I believe that boomslang also makes the adapter you are looking for but I have heard mixed things about them.

Disclaimer: I have not personally used either of these companies products so please don't take this as an endorsement.
If I remember correctly you can not just put an mpfi engine harness to a dx interior harness. I think you will still have to make wire changes at the ecu.
Youcould always get the ry conversion kit and do the dpfi to mpfi wire swap yourself. That kit you just posted seems nice.
Just solder your connections.
I'd be putting a dpfi engine harness on the z6(if all plugs will work), then using the mpfi conversion provided with the conversion harness.
I got everything working. Now I need to figure out my intake. What did you guys use for intake tubing and filters?