88 crx DX, erratic idle, error codes 7/16

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My crx started idling really weird. It just revs up and down on its own. When it's cold it will idle at 2000rpm then after about 1 minute it will drop down but surge back and forth from 1000 to 1500 rpm. I'm getting error coded 7 and 16. Chilton has that as TPS and Fuel injectors respectively. Now I have the D15B2 with the dual port fuel injectors. The one on top is brown and the bottom one is green (the plastic electrical clip part). If I remove the brown one while the car is runnin nothing happens but if I remove the green one too, the car dies. Funny thing is tho if I leave the brown one in while I remove the green one, the idle gets lower (still surges tho). I've read that the TPS is not neccasarily a serviceable part on the DPFI tb's but they can be removed with a dremil and a flathead.
Anybody have any ideas, or maybe one of you swap guys have a working DPFI tb for me?
where are you located at cause i got the dpfi that came off of my car and it ran fine before i swapped it out for the mpfi swap i'm willing to sell it if you need it that bad
Code 7 is a TPS issue, it will cause the issue you are explaining, remove the plug and test the voltage of the wires grn/wht- and yel/wht + there should be 5 volts if not fix the short, try another ecu. if that passes then test c7+ and c12- at the ECU with the ignition on, press the gas pedal it should read 0.5(close throttle)to 4.5 (WOT) as you press and depress the pedal if not then replace the TPS. code 16 is an injector issue, check voltage at the injector etc... and from the sound of it you have have a bad/clogged injector im thinkin' brown one.. good luck
Thanks Red, I'll try that first then if no luck I'll buy the tb from guy05. (thanks for the offer)
I'm located in northern California.
I had a similar issue on my 91 CRX DX, I was able to fix a code 7 by removing the connector to the TPS and cleaning the contacts with acetone followed by rubbing alcohol. It was simply a dirty intermittent connection.