88 Crx

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honda boy

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I need some help if any one could give me some ideas i have a 88 crx i wanted to do a h22 swap in it but alot of peeps are saying not worth it unreliable breakin down alot. would a gsr motor be a better way to go any sugestions would be greatly appreciated

What about the B18a or whats the difference between the b18c?


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If you have a lot of time and a lot of money or just the desire to put an h22 in your crx then I would say go for it. otherwise, the b18C is a way easier swap, and there are many kits to put it into your car.
Good Luck man...


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time & money-->h22
lil bit easier-->b18 or b16

try and get a hold of a tranny off a 88-91SiR its cable not hydro.
the b16a1 has the cable tranny on it but the tranny will fit on the b18


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the B18A is a non vtec version, look into that if you want to go turbo, otherwise if you want all motor check out the B18C it is VTEC, and will make a fast ass CRX.


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I think that is is all about what you want your car to be. If you just want to drag, go h22. That is the holy grail of honda 4-cylinder engines. however, if you are looking for daily driveability with mad power, you should go b16a, b18c, b18a/b with /b16a (ls/vtec) or even b18c5 if you have the money. I have a b16a 5 series in my crx with an lsd tranny and it hits hard. it's all about time and money.


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You can get a h22a in there, do a cable/hydro tranny conversion from HASport and then beef up the suspension. You can daily drive it, you just can't take corners like a crx with a b series in it. You wont ever be competitive in autox.

I suggest a cable.hydro conversion period. The b16 cable tranyn blows, if you want to go all motor, i would do the conversion, get an itr tranny.