88 HF With a 90 LS Motor.


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Ok, I have a swapped 88 crx hf with a 90 LS motor in it. Im having a few minor problems I need some help with. First of all, Whenever I goto start it up, It Spudders and Dies, and after a few starts and giving it a little gas, it finally starts up. Does Anybody Know How i can fix this problem so that when i start it up, It starts like a normal car would???
Next, Can someone Tell me where the sensor is that reads EngineTemp on a 90 LS Motor???? My temp gauge isnt working at all, But my tach, Speedo and Gas Gauge all work.

Im running an AUTOMATIC LS Ecu for now, Is it supposed to stop revving at 4000???? Thats the highest it will go with that ECU in. ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. THANKS


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check timing, vaccum, and thats all i can think of now...

btw i have a mt OBD0 pr4 ecu you can buy off me 75 bucks+ shipping


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Also, I drove My car yesterday and today, And When Im just sitting there, The idle will stay right between 1000-1400RPM. And after driving the car, The idle will go up to 2000RPM. Anyone know how I can fix this problem?
When I start The car is also another problem, It doesnt start up Right on every start, Hesitates for a few turns and then finally starts up and Still hesitates right before that, And then It will start. So I dont know what the problem is with that. Maybe Timing, Like Formby Said. Also the vacuum Lines might be an issue, I already T'd off 2 Lines to 1 to go into the Manifold(Skunk2). Anyone Got a correct Vacuum Diagram for a B18a1 into a CRX???

Thanks Again.