89 Civic Hatch Trailer Hitch

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Call me crazy, I am thinking about putting a trailer hitch on my civic. Here is my reson:
I have a little 600cc Yamaha Motorcycle that I want to take on a road trip, got my girlfriend, and don't want to ride the bike the entire way, but still ride around when we reach our destination. I'm broke most of the time, thanks to bills and life, I live paycheck to paycheck, I DO NOT have money to buy a truck. I've seen trailer hitches on ebay for $150, that's something I could afford. So, I think of it like this, when I got 4 buddies in my car, 200lbs x 4 = 800lbs, not counting the 150 from me, 500lbs motorcycle, utility trailer weighs 200lbs? If I got that hitch and put it one well (welding). Would it mess up my car, AUTO transmission, engine 1.5L, brakes (disk front drum rear), stock suspension, if it was only used 2-3 times a year? each trip, max 1000 miles, probably less.

In yall's opinion, would it work well?


P.S. Already seen the Curt Trailer hitches on ebay rated at 1000lbs total weight of tow load, anyone know of other hitches that might be better/stronger?


There's another member on here who tows 1500+ lbs regularly. Try searching for 'trailer hitch' on here to get that thread up. He'll probably be able to get you the most accurate info as he actually does it.

As long as you are AWARE you have the load, and drive accordingly, you should be fine. Give time for braking, and if the road is bumpy, that puts a lot of stress on the hitch from the opposite axels hitting it differently.


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5 years ago I had U-Haul install one of their hitches on my 90Si with ZC. I towed a 4x8 enclosed trailer from Denver to Dallas. I figured it was roughly 2000# total (trailer/junk). With the ZC I have the close ratio gearbox and tall final drive so I had to dump the clutch at 4k to get rolling. But once it was rolling the moved along.

Figure the automatic will allow a creeping start, but not sure if it'll handle the load for too long.