89 Civic oil leak

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My girlfriend just bought an 89 Civic with about 167K miles on it. The motor is stamped D15B2, with 2106782 stamped under that. The guy she bought it from put on a new head gasket, wwater pump, timing belt, and gave it some plugs, wires, and some fresh oil.
Now she has it, and we noticed a decent sized oil leak. I tried to look up there to see it, but couldn't find anything really. It is rolling down the oil pan, so I cleaned the pan off and had her drive SLOWLY around the block to see if I could find it then. It looks as though the oil is coming from the crank pulley.
I am not sure if there is a seal, or something that could be leaking right there. There is oil leaking from the valve cover, but I don't think the oil is leaking that far down. But there is so much shit in the way of looking at it, its hard to really tell. I dont want to pull the A/C compressor off, and all the belts and shit just to try to pinpoint the leak if it is gonna be something we cant afford to fix right now.
So I guess I am asking if anyone has any knowledge of where an oil leak might come from on this car. I'm a born Chevy guy, and I am a classic Chevy guy at that. Any help would be awesome. Pics are welcome. If you need pics or anything to help, I have that capability. Thanks in advance.
Just give it some trial and error, replace the Valve cover gasket since you know it is leaking and go from there. 1. its easy to do 2. if the leak is gone you wont have to take any unrelated parts off.

and im glad you said old school chevy, because 1990+ chevy = FAIL
I plan on that actually since it is a leak. So I guess we'll try that and see. Friday is payday so I'll give it a whirl then.
I have a 69 el Camino, my dad has a 67 Camaro, and my mom used to have two 67 Camaros, so old school Chevys run in my family.