89 CRX Si 94 LS Swap

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Michael Longhofer

New Member
I'm swapping a 94 LS motor into my '89 CRX Si. I bought the car as a rolling shell, looks like it had a B swap in it previously.

The harness is all hacked to shit in the car, many connectors spliced into the loom, I have the harness off of the LS, it is intact, is there any way to depin/repin the connectors on the LS harness so that they would plug into the OBD0 (round) engine connectors? I know I can get the Rywire harness, trying to save the $400, since I have two mostly viable harnesses. Otherwise, is anyone aware of anything like a connector comparison or connector map to make sure I'm plugging things in correctly from my CRX harness? Can I just change out the injector connectors to work with the OBD1 injectors (I know I'll have to fix the resistor box so 12v is getting to the injectors if I do that)? I could get a pin/wire map from the ECU but I'd have to unwrap and trace all the wires, seems unneccesary. I've searched and searched, I see where many people say the Si harness is mostly plug and play with the B swap but the plugs aren't the same.......

Thanks in advance for the help!


They are probably referring to the obd0 b18a ls motor, not the obd1 b18b, being pretty compatible...

It's really hard to say what was done to the car... could be a hack job, could work mint but just look ugly.

yes, you can re-pin the cannon plug on the shock mounts/etc to match up to the obd1 wiring. It's probably quite the task and a lot of tracing back if you screw up even 1 wire to find out which one it is.

If you're going to have to hack the plug ends on to wires anyway, it might be a good idea to simply do it with the re-pinning tool at the cannon plug... but it's significantly more work, which is why most people just hack and splice.

You could also go full obd1 conversion on the car, and that would required ecu-cannon plug re-do's.
Another option might be to get the si harness and a b18a intake mainfold complete with sensors and stay obd0. (this might not be legal in all areas)