89 D15B2 block and head into 92 D15B7..


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Can't find any real info on this: I want to put my 89 hatch CX B2 in my 92 Civic LX using the B7's intake, stick, exhaust and probably distributor.

The question is: Will the all of the above items bolt up and work? (Essentially a block and head swap)

Besides the fuel management difference what are the differences between the B2 and B7 mechanically?

Any changes to be aware about between the two blocks and heads such as different cooling ports, sensor positions etc.

Reason: the 92 B7 has 265,000 miles and the 89 B2 has 126,00 miles- the 92 has mostly new mechanicals and I prefer the 4 doors.
Thanks to any inputs.


everything should be the same EXCEPT sensors and wiring... you may have to strip the B2 motor down to a long block and then put all the B7 peripherals on it...

good luck mang

and you may want to consider just throwing an LS motor in, you don;t even need mounts (I don't think you need mounts anyway)


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It will work you just need the intake manifold, injectors, throtle body, ecu, and distributor from the 92 car. Or if you want you can get the intake manifold from a D16z6 or D16y8, and you can buy my 89 civic si cam, plus most of the stuff i mentioned earlier minus the manifold, and you will have a fun daily driver that can have a lot of fun at auto-x's. If you want more info ask me about my all motor D15B2 and my auto-x fun.


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Another one about the swap-The 89 d15b2 is auto and the 92 d15b7 is stick-Does the flywheel, clutch and tranny fit correctly to the b2 block? (Keeping stick in the 92 chassis)

Do you know the differences of the b2 and b7? Is it the OBD issues that give it different b numbers?