'89 Prelude 2.0 si parts for sale


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Hi Folks.
I had an '89 Prelude 2.0 si, which I have no choice but to

Before sending it to Lude heaven, I tried to remove what
good stuff as I could - mostly the electrical stuff that was
easy to remove made it out.
Everything worked perfectly in this car - so the parts will
be good, I feel certain.

Short list - some of the parts I cannot name, sorry:
All 3 tail light pieces
As much of the dash electrical stuff as I could get out
What looks to be the main controller/computer
As many electrical things from under the hood as I could get
Steering wheel electrical stuff
Both electrical rear view mirrors
(?) crank position sensor (attached to the other cam...)
Wind deflector gadget for the sunroof

If there is something you need, email me directly, and if
you can describe it, I may have it out already !
(If not, the car is leaving in the next day or two....)


([email protected])


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Sorry - you missed it - I junked the remains and now only have
the parts I removed...