90-93 Integra Rear Disc, Fit Onto 92 Civic 4Door??

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I have a whole rear disc setup from a 90-93 Integra. Just wondering if it is possible for me to put this on a 92 Civic 4 Door? Please Let Me KNow, THANKS


I'd have to check, but I believe you'd just use the spindles, not the whole trailing arm. Compare them to your Civics. They are removed by four torx bolts, and the main spindle bolt on the inside of the trailing arm. Measure the distances between all the holes, and compare them to your Civic.
Originally posted by RazorRamon@Jul 17 2005, 10:04 PM
I just did this swap about a week ago on my 95 hatch. Everything fits fine.
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Do you have a write up or tutorial you used for it by chance? I have a wrecked '92 DA sitting in my garage I picked up cheap just for the rear disks to go on my '95 EJ. Any references would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. :thumbup:

Excellent. I have the Hazone one already but was not sure if there was one out there for this specific swap. I know one guy had told me there was a thread over on H-T about X brakes fitting on Y car, but could not prove a link for me.

For your eBrake did you use the DA one? What about lines? I plan to just upgrade to SS lines at the same time and was thinking of just getting the '95 Si ones, since they are about the same as the DA rears.

I used the DA E-brake cables, they are the same. As for lines, SS would be a good idea, but I used some from a 90 Prelude. They are not a perfect fit but it works.