90 accord, motor possibilities


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I've read lots of info about putting the H22 in an accord. I've got a 90 lx 5sp. It's got a significant oil leak around the head somewhere. Rather than put the money into fixing the problem, I'm looking at a new motor. I want more power, but don't really want the expense of an H22. I was looking at a chart of all motors and was wondering if some of them are possible with little or no modification. (little=h22 type mods or less) Here the motors that look like they have enough power for a base: B17A1 and F22 (appearantly JDM version). My question is can I find these motors, are there better options, and can I side-step the whole wiring modification like the h22 needs if I get both the motor/tranny combo and the whole ECU.

Thanks helping a NooB -

Edit: Are there also just head swaps that could be done. The head seems to be the culprit with the leak -


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F22 is cheapest. H22 is the most feasible with good power. B17 is out. Any H or F series engine(except the S2000 engine) will bolt right up. After that, accessories, wiring, and ECU are your only worries. Obviously, everything would be exactly the same with no extra expenses if you bought another F series. However, I'd fix the oil leak before replacing the entire engine. Your valve cover and o-rings probably need replacing. <$50