90 Accord w/ M/T won't start

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hi guys, i've read alotta threads here regarding starting problems which was related to the main relay..but i'm still confused, as my problem is a bit different.

when i turned key to start, it made clicking noise and then like a power failure..lights would pop and go once..i couldn't get it to start..had to push start it..it's a 90 accord lx M/T..anybody have any suggestions..could it be the main relay that has to be resoldered?

i'm not sure because, i even let it take a break for 3-4 hours as it is parked underground basement, same result..everytime i try to crank it, power goes on and off..they slowly dim in and out as i try to crank it..lights, radio and breaks all work fine..not sure what the problem is

i've had problems starting the car before..my mechanic said something was wrong with the ignition switch, i think..so he connected a wire from the starter motor and left it aside under my hood and said if it doesn't start..turn the ignition on and leave car in manual to avoid hault and pop the hood and connect the other end of the wire to one of the battery terminals, now i did this several times and the car started this way, but now i can't remember which side I have to connect it to?..red or black?..cuz i think i remember tapping it to the red..but then i was told it shud be connected to black..but i can quite tell it was the red cuz it has the rubber cover over it and i usually lift it and tap it there to start it..anyways..i didnt wanna spend much money on the car to replace the parts..but i had that funny clicking noise when trying to start it today after turning it off for a 10 second lift..the radio and lights were working..but i couldn't turn on the emergency signal at first..it gave that same clicking noise..and in the end i had to jump start it..and after parking the car right away..same problem happend, so i just left the car in the garage..

btw, this is what i see below my dashboard...

those two wires on the left and the orange wire are hanging as well as the purple from the box..i'm not sure how it was before..i just noticed it now..sorry for the pic..i can't afford a dig. cam.

if anyone could help, i'd appreciate it..thanks