90 Civic Dx B16 Swap

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I have a 1990 Civic DX and we slapped a JDM 1st gen B16. My bud did most of the wiring on it witch seems to be fine.
The only problem that i'm having now is the distributor wires. The engine did not come with a distributor, so we got a B17, 90-91 Teg distributor.

Looking at the engine's harness plugs and the distributor's plugs, the wires don't color match and the distributor has 7 wire, but the car's harness has 5 wires.

Here are the colors on both distributor and engine harness.

Distributor wire color:

Engine harness:

What wires go where and how? Please help.
FYI, we will be running the PR3 ecu with this swap.


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ok...first off if the distributor you have is for the b17 motor then the plugs are different and it won't plug i...the b17 one has grey plugs and your harness has white plugs...also the pr3 ecu is an obd-0 and the distributor you have is obd-1 so it won't work...so just get first gen distributor...it will be much easier