90 Civic Dx D15b2 To D16a6

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I have to get a new engine for my 1990 Honda Civic DX (toasted rings)
I have the D15B2 engine( 1.5L).

I check out luckystar out of Toronto, ON...which had the best price/warranty vs my local junkyards

The guy said he can get me a 1.6L engine for $600Cdn He said that my intake & exhaust manifolds from my 1.5L just have to be swapped onto the 1.6L. I said hey cool why not. I bought it.

Now I think I jumped the gun too soon. Now I learned that there is a D16A engine which isn't recomended at ALL. I'm ASSUMING the engine I bought is a D16A6 (89-91 Civic Si). I called the place back left msg for more info, etc... (place doesn't open till Monday)

If it's the D16A I'm cancelling the order ASAP.

If it's the D16A6 would it be a direct bolt-in with my intake/exhaust manifold and ECU? I searched a few places on the net and I really couldn't find any real info. The ECU's are different according to this website under the ECU info.

I also heard that I'll also need a resistor box, wiring harness for the 1.6L :(

I'm not really looking for my car to be rice rocket with the larger engine. I just need something simple to and from work and the g/f place.

London, ON
the a6 is good. the a8/9 are bad. so i think you are ok.

the only hard part of this swap is that you need to convert your fuel delivery over to MPFI
OK I was way off.... That's the last time I work 17 hrs on 45 minutes of sleep. DoH!!

The new engine turned out to be a ZC JDM... The place said it's a simple bolt-in. ECU still work, etc,, I just have to change a couple parts around. No biggie

well, check what ZC it is, u will want the black valve cover from the 88-91 CRX Si, also u must stil do the Duel point to multi point swap, it will bolt right in, and if u wanna go cheap u can use the DX tranny, but if it comes with a ZC tranny use that. if it doesnt come with a tranny, try to find an SI tranny and swap that in, it will give u the best bang for the buck. So find out to make sure if its the 88-91 ZC with black valve cover, if it is i can easily find u dpfi-mpfi swap, and the overall swap for ur car.

Thanks for the info.

I talked with the guy at place where I got my engine.. Black cover?? I didn't know I should be asking about that. I feel another headache coming... :(

All he said... ZC JDM engine Direct bolt-in, change the distruber (sp?) with my 1.5L and I'm good to go.. then he went on to 'my shop does hundreds of these swaps blah blah blah. Said nothing about a resistor block, etc

The place is


my tech recomended the place. Any one here dealt with them? good/bad?

I got the info regarding the wiring from the website which I'm going to pass onto my tech. I would do the job myself, but all I have is my driveway. Plus it's winter time.

I'm just buying an engine... no transaxles, etc.,, I'm just looking for some simple(for now) and cheap to get myself to work and the g/f place.