90 CRX DX W/D16z6


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Hey all. I finally got rid of my hatch after being backed into in a parking lot.

I traded +200 for a 90 CRX DX that has a d16z6 in it. It hasn't been wired to MPFI and is still DPFI and it seems to almost bog at high rpms without having the VTEC hooked up and not being converted. What exactly do I need to convert it to MPFI?

I was thinking complete intake manifold, injectors, resistor box, ecu, engine harness, vafc and that's all I know of off the top of my head. Would I need to convert it to obd1 to make VTEC work or could I stay obd0 so I don't have such a head ache?

And if anyone has these parts, you can pm me at your will if you would like to make a sale in the future month or so.


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first off, you need to use your DX engine harness and do the DPFI to MPFI wiring changes - changes required would depend on whether you keep it OBD0 or switch to OBD1 - if you stay OBD0, it would be the same as if you were putting Si engine into the DX plus you would need to wire up VTEC - for this you would need the intake manifold, OBD0 injectors and injector resistor box, and you need ECU - you could use the PM6 or PG7 ECU and wire VTEC to rpm switch, etc. - you could use the PR3 or PWO ECU for the B16A1 and wire the VTEC to it, but it might run a little rich - you will need OBD0 distributor which will need to be modified to fit the Z6 head - for OBD1 you would need the intake manifold with OBD1 injectors (no resistor box) and P28 ECU - use the Z6 distributor - you would have to do considerable wiring changes at the ECU or get a conversion harness


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i think if you use the pw0,or pr3 you would have to get it chipped for no knock sensor... z6 dont have one