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Hey guys, i have this Mechanicall EXCELLENT 90 crx hf that i bought recently with the intentions of using it as my commuter so i could get the most out of my gas money. I have since purchased another vehicle so i need to lose this car. This cars wiring is cherry, no hacks or anything shaddy which to me was really important. I have done alot of work getting it ready the list goes as follows:
New Parts
Oversized Radiator
honda thermostat
Clutch masters clutch disk
clutch masters clutch cover
Honda throwout bearing
Both axles ( remanufactured )
almost new tires
25k mile HF transmission
She has also an aftermarket Intake, and an aftermarket exhaust, im not sure which kind but it sounds nice , not ricey at all.
has a short shifter
has a cd player i beleive its a sony Explode
door speakers are aftermarket, the system is nice
The drivers side door was replaced as the old one was bent when someone tried to break into it, which also messed up the fender pretty good. I have a new fender thats primered and ready to go on, and the car will go with the fender on it and the door adjusted already.
All she needs is some paint and some seat covers and love and your in business.
Or get this car knowing that any b series swap will go right in and the wiring wont be a hastle.
Its a CRX need i say much more?
Im Located in RIVERSIDE ,CALIFORNIA Im MORE than happy to show this car to whomever would be interested.
The car runs great and drives very very nice, its not noisy and its very stable and tight, its the nicest driving stock crx ive ever owned.
any questions pm me or gimme a ring on my cell and leave me a message.
Contact info to follow:
my cell is 951 237 7152
im asking 2500 obo

Link to pics


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Anyone? this things unmolested and the wiring is cherry, ac works perfect, its mechanially like new.