90 hatch si with b16 swap,hard starting help??

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Okay no symptoms till yesterday morning the car had'nt been started in 3 days. I just replaced the Dizzy with a used 1, 2 months ago. The car just keeps cranking but won't start. Yesterday it cranked and cranked then started after about 15 minutes of messing with it and checking for spark. It drove fine no symptoms at all pulled hard everything was great. I cut it off and on a couple times and it started 1st crank normally.

Now today i've been cranking on it again for about 10 minutes and then said fuck it and came in to post.

It is a PR3 B16 OBO-0 swap in a 90 hatch. I had a CTR intake cam installed about 1k ago and the timing on the dizzy was done by me so its not right if that means anything.

I believe it is under the dash on the clutch side almost stright up. it's a brown or gray box about 2".
I went back out and it started perfectly after I checked all messed around with the plugs and wiring under my dash. I don't no if that contributed it not.