90 hb wont start

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1bar crx

old guy
My sister has a 90 dx , she said it died in the drive way and will not start. I have checked to make sure it had gas, The fuel pump( it's coming on), The distributor(got a new one also) but the car will not fire. It has a 16 code,witch is for the injector but i can hear it working and have tryed to spray starting fluid in it and nothing will happen. Thanks for any help, I know she will be very greatful(i know I will be to get her out of my car.lol)
checked them already. one of the first things i did.. everything seams to be woriking but there is just no fire???????????
Try unplugging on injector and than start it. Repeat process with the other injector. I have seen these cars short out one the the injectors which screws with the ecu and cause it to not run.
Take a long screwdriver and a hammer and try tapping on the starter while somebody tries to turn the ignition. If it does not turn over after that then get a cheap wal-mart or radio-shack voltmeter and touch it to the positive and a ground on the car, it should read around 12.** when car is off and around 14.** when the car is on. If it's anywhere below that then you should invest in maybe a new alternator or a battery.