90 honda accord dx fs

this is a 90 honda accord dx has rust but i put alot of money into it!! has m3 mirrors with amber lights, clear corners, clear bumpers, intake, 10.3 mm plug wires, new plugs, indiglo gauges, new alternator, new starter, new drivers side cv shaft, new rotors and brake pads up front, new slave cylinder. also comes with aftermarket blue foglights!!! comes with jvc detachable cd player, jenson 6 1/2s in the rear and alpines in the door. The interior is in excellent shape except some spots on the door where the carpet is comming off but that can be glued back into place!!! 226000 miles and still running very strong!! starts and runs all the time!! never had any problems with it in the winter even when it was 20 below!! still started right up!!! very dependable car!!! I believe it might need a new clutch though!! still runs and drives great but when it warms up it grinds going into 3rd gear but only going in otherwise its fine!! It also has an exhaust leak that I can have patched up too if I sell it for a reasonable price I will do it for free!! I can also have the rust patched on the 1/4s for 150 bucks but that will not be painted just primered!! I only have one pic so email me if you want to see it!!! but i have a buddy comming up tomorrow and hes bringing his digital so i will have more to show but only one for now!!! I will also take a 99 civic 2 dr. after market hood plus some cash!! hit me up with trades im very open for that too!!! Im located in eagan minnesota!! email me at [email protected] for questions or pics!!!