90 Integra Spark Problem

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f22b1 coupe

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A friend of mine bought a 90 Integra at an auction and it needed an alternator on the spot. We installed it that night at a gas station (a real PITA compared to every other Honda alternator I've removed to do t-belts) and drove it home an hour on the interstate without any problems. He then tried to drive it around it around town and even made a highway trip without problem until one day last week, it just died. It stalled 4 times in one day and had to cool off to restart. I figured it was a no brainer as an ignition module went out in a 94 I had, so I told him to get it tested.
Auto zone confirmed it was bad and he put the new one on. It was the wrong part in that it didn't bolt up at all (God bless Duralast) and it didn't make the car run. Before it had run intermittenly, now it will not run at all. I checked to see that he had left the plastic cover over the lower distributor components so the spark wasn't jumping from the rotor down to the module and cooking it, and that all checked out.
His dad suggested the coil, and I thought what the hey, that's the only other reason it wouldn't be sparking. So he installed that and still nothing. We pulled the spark plugs after every test failed and checked to see if there was spark and nothing. It cranks strong, and the main relay clicks at each point it's supposed to, per a page I found about replacing it.

So, of the things I think it could be are 1) a little cylinder, about an inch long, located in line with the wiring in the distributor, mounted on the outside facing the radiator, 2) The ignition switch itself, or 3) the wiring somewhere in the ignition system.

Anyone had any experience with this problem? We don't want to just keep throwing parts at it and rebuild the thing from the ground up at the price of a much newer, nicer car.

Also I am tempted to tell him to take it down to the Acura dealer and just get it diagnosed, and then do the work ourselves. But, I am concerned they will rape him like it's his first night in prison since they can bullshit and act like it's so hard to pinpoint. So, in short, I need serious help here guys :(


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its the distributor or the cap it would be best to replace both i had the exact same prob with my 90 4 door integra and go ahead and do the wires and the plugs