90 Prelude Engine Swap Help

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Junior Member
I need help finding out what DOHC Vtec motors i can swap into a 1990 Prelude S, Looking for an engine that wont take much to put it, but any help is fine. PLEASE HELP



Senior Member
it is hard to get a motor to fit in that car, and work, there is not a lot of after market support for that model of car. i think ludepseed.com makes a turbo kit for your car, but other than that i do not know of anyone who has even tried to swap a motor in that car. sorry man.


Senior Member
Ludespeed.com is the right place to go for info like that, i think its easier just to do a lude/vtec setup like what ludespeed did than to swap the stock motor for another DOHC Vtec since the older preludes were heavy they need a lot of torque to get them moving, which a b16a or b18c are not the best canidates for that, that is why preludes always came with 2.0 L motors and bigger, the Lude/vtec setup is just like the crv/vtec and ls/vtec setups, but it makes a shit load of torque and hp cause of the 2.0L size, if your looking into that let me know, i have a milled for higher compression b16a head complete minus valve cover and cams for $400+shipping, it was leakdown tested on a stock block and checked out good, i don't need this any more as i am going with a B20B Turbo setup