91 Accord W/ Prelude Swap

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I am selling a 1991 Honda Accord with a Prelude engine. It has an ACT stage III clutch, semi lightened flywheel, DC Sport Header, Stage I Web Cam, ProCore Catalytic Converter, Thermal Exhaust, Cool Air Intake, Honda Remapped ECU, front and rear strut tower bars, and it has new tires on the front and the rear. I am asking $2500 for this car, i need the money and that is about as low as i can go. The complete swap cost $4300 plus all the other parts. It has some damage to the passenger side. Ask and i will get pictures for you. The last time i ran the car at the track it ran constant 14.9's all day. It has never seen nitrous and has only 59,000 miles on the engine. The car has 159,000 on the body. There is no rust and it just had a new paint job. It use to be silver and is now Black. It has been lowered and has KYB shocks. The previous owner to me had taken out the carpets and the A/C. I took out the power steering. This motor is a JDM and i have the reciepts, it also has new axles. This is a great car and it treats me great. It has the JDM F22B, which is the 92-96 dual cam non-vtec prelude SI. It is a 5 speed as well. It also has a Black APR Spoiler(single wing with end caps that slant down). On the dyno it pulled 217HP and 173 trq. This is a fast car on the street and the track. I have kept up with many new cars, it has kept up with a Carrera (non-turbo), Mustang GT's, Non Turbo RX-7's, VW's, Civics, some TURBO talons, and more. This is a great deal and you are cheating yourself if you do not consider buying this car. It is my baby and i love it but i need to sell it due to legal reasons.(145 in a 55) If you would like leave me a message on my answering machine. 847-856-1293 or send me an email (Relicdudee18@yahoo.com) My name is Dan. I am on AOL and you can IM me at Relicdude18 i am usually on.
it was stock with 168HP and 153trq...that is what i had on the dyno the day i got it. My father works for Snapon Tools so i have everything available to me when i need it. I am in the process of putting a dyno in my garage for personal use and charging some local people to use it when they need to tune a little.
Wish I could help you out. I'm completely happy with my Honda, but there should be someone out there who would love your car, especially at that price.
i am still waiting but i need to get rid of it soon, if you want i have pictures and can show anyone that wishes to see them
At the top of the forums, there is a link that says something like The Gallery Is Now Open. Click it and after that is should be pretty easy.
ok i understand i am a my college right now but i will put them on at 1:30 my time. I need to sell this car and i know that someone will LOVE it. I also need to add that i have 2 guages in the car on a pod. I have an A/F and a Vac guage. They were given to me and i just put them in.

I have to get rid of this car and i can't drive it anymore, i lost my license...Look at the pics and tell me what you would want to change and i will look into how much it will cost and i will do it...
i am firm on the price and $2500 for this car is a steal. If no one takes it i will be selling it to an old man for only $2000. I need to get rid of this car soon. I will keep this post up for a few more days and then it is gone forever. So please get this car while it is here. You will not find a deal like this anywhere.


It is in Gurnee, IL...which is by six flags amusement park.

$3000K is the current offer please make the same or for 2800 i need to sell this car and i will fix some of the body work!!!
bump and i think i will kill myself...j/k i need to sell this car i need the money for court and i am going to get screwed without it...please help