91 civic hatch zc turbo

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91 Honda civic Hatch Red 45k on motor??67000 Miles on shell. Wings west kit. 17" konigs with nitto nt450 tires. Energy suspension motor mounts. Suspension Teniques Springs. Always garaged. Zc DOHC Swap. Super t70 turbo on drag maifold 100Miles on it. Full Front mount intercooler, RFL bov. Full Msd Ignition. ACT Clutch. Nuespeed short throw. Traction Bars. Turboedit. Racing seats, CD,Dvd system with several speakers. Dont wat to get rid of it but I need the money. I have had this car for over ten years when civics werent even popular. Id like to get 6000 OBO. I have well over 18k Invested. Give me a shout if anyone is interested. Pissedoffsol tuned it for me and he says that it may pull on a wrx sti!!


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the car rips. i tuned it.
could still use some more tuning time for part throttle (too rich), but up top is nice and smooth 11.8's acorss the board.

the car rips. pulls damn hard. and is super clean.

post some pics jay.


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don't doubt my tuning skill y0.

it involves a computer.
i'm good at shit like that :p
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Aug 17 2005, 01:32 PM
don't doubt my tuning skill y0.

it involves a computer.
i'm good at shit like that :p
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It also involves a Honda...


sorry, couldn't resist...


:thumbsup: for jays car... probably the best looking 4th gen i have EVER seen
the car is beautiful
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Aug 18 2005, 12:09 AM
bah, go flip yours... again :p j/p

bump for jaymac!
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B would flip his, if he could only get it to run :p

bump-dizzle...where are the pics?


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finally got these things to download. i've never seen 100 meg jpg's before... lmao.

here we go, resonably sized :)






car is beautiful, well maintained, and is damn fast.