'91 CRX p28 / hondata s300 b16 turbo

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Hey, just recently bought this car from a guy, and I was driving down the road, I got on it and it boosted to about 5 psi and right as that happened, the check engine light came on and the car died. I can turn it over , but Im not getting any spark out of the distributor wires and my fuel pump isnt priming. I have a brand new main relay in it, so im guessing its not that (altho when i turn the key on, it doesnt click like it should). I had a guy look at it and he said that I have power to the main relay plug, but no ground. I have a hondata s300 / p28 ecu tuned.

I dont know alot about what could be wrong, if anyone has had this problem, please let me know.


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Ok figured it out.

I actually figured out the problem today. The moron I bought the car from removed the resistor box that goes to the injectors and left the wires ALL WIRED TOGETHER dangling down by the alternator and they got trapped in there shortin gout and blowing the fuse that powers the main relay.

Now, having that problem fixed a new problem arose that I need help with......

I replaced the fuse, but now I have a check engine light on and when I drive, as soon as I go from VACUUM to BOOST, right when it hits zero, the car takes a huge dump, and idles all the way down RAPIDLY. Kinda like on the new cars when u hit the speed limiter and it shuts down the engine. Aside from that, the car runs great. Although VTEC doesnt even have a chance to kick in, because thats about the time it starts to spool up.

Anyone have any ideas???


sounds to me like its boosting too much for the om map sensor,causing the CEL,
and the wies running fo the injector resistor box are supposed to be all tied together when your not running a resistor box,but theyre supposed to be tucked up out of the way of everything


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its not the MAP. the stock sensor reads up to 9.5 psi. unless somethings hooked up wrong. check all your connections of wires and vacuum lines.