91 dx hatch rear disc swap question

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scottie fizzle
i have a 91 dx hatch with a b16 swap so i decided on doing a rear disc conversion. the rear discs are from a 99 gsr teg. everythings installed and working but im unsure what MC/ PROP VALVE combo to use. can i still use the dx MC since i still have the dx front calipers? everywhere i search ppl are using the 40/40 from 90-93 teg whether they swapped calipers or not.. i recently swiped the MC and the 35/40 prop valve from a 91 ex sedan in the junkyard (calipers were already gone..doh). can i leave my brake setup how it is or do i need the bigger MC and prop valve? thanks
my setup is a rear conversion from a DA, 40/40 prop valve,new booster, dx front calipers, and 15/16 bore MC from a 91 ex 4dr, and I am changing out the fronts but havent yet and it works well. I had originally kept the stock MC but it wasn't up to it and quickly gave out. If I was you I would at least get a new mc 13/16 or 15/16, and a new booster, also the 40/40 prop valve should work fine (non-ABS).
hmmm well i do have the 15/16 MC layin on the bench so maybe ill put it on and go from there. it just gets confusing cause i hear it sucks without the teg parts and then i also hear that it works fine leavin the dx parts....
I swapped everything just unbolted the trailing arm assembly as a whole, the only difference I found was that the DA suspension was beefier and the castor adjustment (I think that's what they're called)rods were longer. I think the DX parts would have worked had I chosen to just get the calipers, e-brake cables etc. but I was lucky and had the full car and suspension at my disposal.