91 EF D15B2 to D16A6

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Hey guys, Ive got a few civic's to work with here, im working on my 91 ef with a D16B2 dpfi, and i just bought another 91 ef with a D16A6 for parts, just wondering how hard it will be to do the swap? also i have a 95 si with a 1.6 ZC in it that i could use... just looking for some knoledge before i start.
Look in the reference section for DPFI to MPFI conversion. It's pretty easy- change distributor, change ECU, add 4 extra wires, then move the head or entire engine over.
awesome im planning on swapping the whole engine, could i just take the ECU from the parts car? its all wired up and running still...
the mpfi harness wont just plug into the dpfi chassis, the swap itself is direct drop in and bolt up, but you have too change a few wires at the ecu, add soo many, and switch a few around IIRC, id use the zc preferably, only difference between the sohc non-vtec zc and the d16a6 is the cam though, which obviously the zc cam is a "hotter" cam, if I was going too do a mpfi conversion, id do it all at once, while motors out, wire everything, then drop motor in plug up and roll