91 hatch 3 cylinders. Would it make a 2 1/2 hour trip?

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My mom thinks i'm cool
Same as title. I'm looking at a 91 hatch and it would take 2 1/2 hours to bring it home. Its running on 3 cylinders and i dont want to tow it. The guy said it would make the trip. What do you guys think? Thanks
yea its stock, i'm not worried about the motor as long as i can get the car home.

It just says that one cylinder has low compression
ok. Thanks for the feedback. I just wanted to make sure before i get stuck in another state.
haha, well somebody is taking me down and will be following me back and plus i'm going to baby the shit out of it. If i end up going for it
its probably the head gasket... take an hour and change it real quick. 25 bucks and you'll probably be good to go with 4 cylinders.
The car is 2 1/2 hours away. Thats 5 hours round trip not including the time its going to take to change the title over. Plus i'm going to pull the motor once i get it home. So i'm not going to spend a hour more fussing with it then i have to.
Its up to you but you better at least bring a woman just in case you break down you have something to do. :D


Good luck!
keep an eye on the oil is all i got to say and it should make it if its just bad rings

if it is a burnt/bentvalve or 2 they could break off at any point and cause some serious damage causing your engine to be useless and stuck on the side of the road
way back i drove a DA an hour and a half on 3 cylinders. it poured smoke the whole time and stalled while idling several times, but it made it there. hell i was doing 75 on the highway most of the trip... looking like a steam locomotive lol. it was bad rings and one cylinder was almost completely dead.
I had to drive my 91 hatch home on 3 cyl and it only had 1-3 gears, stupid auto. Drove fine the 2 hours plus being at an estimated 6k rpm the whole time ;x. Was revved very high at 65 mph, idk what the rpm really was.