91 Prelude With B18 Motor?

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Junior Member
I have a 91 prelude si that has a cracked block. I was wondering if a 91 b18a1 will swap in?


Senior Member
i think it should with some work....pretty good choice of motor...nice and cheap..plentiful torque...and good hp....overall a great choice..plus it has a huge aftermarket support...and u can allways switch it to vtec witha new oil line and head


Super Moderator
Check the reference section on this site. I believe that you have two easy choices for motors, each already set up for your motor mounts. Otherwise, you're gonna have a real fuckeroo of a time. I'd stick with what fits nicely, not which engine is cheap.


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you know placeracing makes a motor mount kit for a h22 to ddrop in your car