91 si fix or swap

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Ok my 91 Si hatchy has burned/leaked about 1-2 quarts of oil every 300-400 miles for a couple months and now over the weekend is shooting large amounts of white smoke out the exhaust. So my question is this, should I spend the cash for fix it or should I just swap in another motor and if I do a swap what kind? Problem is im pretty damn broke and need to get this car going asap for as cheap as possible. Was debating if I swapped to use either a) another d16a6 or B) going zc. What do u guys think? and how much is this gonna set me back?


Drop a b18a1 in it.. You can find an engine/trans for around $500.. Plus mounts, linkage, axles, etc, you are looking at $1000.00

You'd spend that much on your d series getting it rebuilt!


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If I where you Id go ahead and put a ZC in it if you could. Im not sure where you could get a b18 for 500 bucks. The ZC is a straight drop in and you can use your SI tranny if need be. Also if white smoke is coming from the exahust i think that means it is burning coolent. Best of luck to you.


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there is a cable B18B at a local yard for sale for $450 with like 30K miles on it. They can be found cheap. Buy some used hasport mounts and a shift linkage and you're set...oh yea axles to.