91 Teg For Sale

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Senior Member
Okay guys, I found another car a 91 Teg 97,000 miles on it stock. It has GSR rims on it, but it is the GS model. The guy wants $2,400 for it. He said that the clutch would probably need replacement in a couple of months or so and that the drive axle would need to be replaced around that time as well. He just replaced the Water pump and timing belt. Do you guys think I should get it?

Peace* and thanks for you input in advance.
sounds lik a badass deal to me man go for it, i bought my teg 1990 gs with 81k on the b18a swap, plus lots of bolt on mods, exhaust, etc, for 3,000
If I were you I would only give him $2000 considering you have to replace the clutch and axle.