91 Teg Rear disc swap to 90 dx hatch

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So I did a search and didnt really come up with anything. My main question is regarding the proportioning valve. Where exactly is it on the '91 integra. I'm pretty sure its on the passenger side shock tower just under the main harness on the ef hatch. And also, how about the master cyliner? Does that need to be replaced as well? thanks.


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how big is your MC? it should say it on the side. if its 7/8" then you should be fine, cause thats what my CRX has. if you want to upgrade it, you can, but its not neccessary if yours is at least 7/8". im gonna try to get my hands on a type R 1" MC for the rex when i get around to it :)

about the proportioning valve, you can get one from a CRX si and that would work too. i dont see why it would be in a different spot on the teg but if it is, im sure it wont be hard to find, you know what it looks like dont you?

edit: oh and you will need new ebrake cables and rear brake lines(rubber part) as well.


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I pulled my proportioning valve off a 91 teg. it was on the firewall, near the center of the car.
you might want to obtain a flare nut wrench and some penetraitng oil first. those bolts strip very easily.