92-95 Civichatch B18c1 Swap

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I am going to get a 92-95 civichatch vx and i want to put a b18c1 engine into it. I am wonder how hard it is to do by yourself. I have a little knowledge about cars and engines and i have all the tools. I am also wondering how much it would cost to have it put in. Also does the b18c1 bolt straight into the car, or will I have to bend fender walls and do other modifications. Is thier something else need besides just bolting the engine and and starting it. Last thing is how long does it take to take out the old engine and put in the new engine while working almost 18 hours a day. Any help is greatful :worthy:


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There is no modifications to the chassis required at all.As long as you have all the parts it is very easy,escpecially in a vx,it already has vtec.
Here is a link to this swap it is for a B16A3,but it is the same thing.I did mine in two eight hour days,by myself goofing off instead of being serious,could have been done in one and a half,with a friend less than one.


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Basicly it will drop right in. Not that much wiring because the VX has VTECe (will have to change the o2 sensor wiring a little bit). To have someone install it is kinda a waste. They will normally charge you about 600-1000. The swap it self will take about 2 days if nothing goes wrong (there is always that one bolt that snaps) Make sure you have a backup mode of transportation (car pool to work) just incase you dont finsish it in one weekend. Normally you buy a swap and it will come with just about everything you need. Make sure you replace the timing belt, waterpump, thermostat, and clutch before you put the engine in.