92 Civic SI partout

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well if the insurance total my car i'm going to part it out. This is just to tell you guys what i have. If they do decided, then i'm selling these parts. but contact me just in case.

1992 Civic SI Hatchback Rear ended
GSR leather Seats, Complete
Skunk2 IM
Skunk2 Cams
JDM GSR B18C 40K/Skunk2 IM/Skunk2 Cams/Skunk2 Cam Gears
Rota Circuit 8 Gun Metal 16" Ventus HRII 205/45
Tokico HP w/ Ground Control 1 year
Runs 13.7

Or if you guys want the whole car and motor, I'll give it up for 5000.

I hate to see this car go.


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how much for the rear speaker brackets, and do you have the arm rest, center console, rear hatch area carpet.



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i need both mirrors and the rear hatch struts. also the screws that hold them into the hatch glass


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Mirror and rear struts 150 + Ship
Rota's have minor scratches 7 months only, 350 + ship
Located in Chico, Cali
Longblock 1500/2300 Complete swap

I have paper works for the motor and proof that it is under 40k

I'll update you guys later.


how much for the entire rear interior in black (rear carpet, plastics, all 5 seatbelts, speaker grill etc.) oh... and the steering column? LMK I have faminly that lives not for from you!



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Complete Rear 400
Cams 300 (only 700 miles on them)
ECU is a chipped P28, Mugen 150...i dunno....you name price

I'm just waiting for the freakin damn adjuster, flaker is always laggin. But i got pics for tomorrow.


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Do you have the rear cargo cover? If so, what would you want for it shipped to Canada????


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Originally posted by sihatchback_RL@Jun 15 2005, 12:30 AM
Yes i have the cargo cover, 50 bucks???
Shipping on seats, i dunno, let me do some math.
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I PM'd you about shipping, payment options, etc. Let me know and you'll have the cargo cover sold.


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TOTALLED! just waiting for the rain to get out of cali so i can start strippin the car. I'll give an update later....but email for more information. The motor is still up for grabs.